Campaign Management

We are your one stop shop for running your campaign. We have every need covered in-house to get you to success.

Ballot Initiatives

From initiative and amendment design to petition signatures; we will get you on the ballot and passed.

Opposition Research

You have to know your opponent. If it's there, we can find and it and we will with military and civilian trained investigators.

Data Analysis/Polling

If we can't measure it, we don't do it. Your success depends on data. We make our decisions informed from that data. We don't guess, we know.

Advisory Roles

We bring initiatives from ideas to reality. Tell us what you want, we make it happen. Period.

Social Media Management

Campaigning has changed and we have partnered with the best in the business. The Social Wizards have been running campaigns online before anyone else. Their targeting and strategy are unmatched. No one can run ads more effectively or efficiently than they can, period.

Graphic Design/Web Development/Print Media/Copy Writing

If it needs to be produced, we have it covered in house and on demand. We don't use 3rd parties and have the fasted turnaround available.

Much More

Although these are our general services, our talent lies within our trade secrets. From experience in military psychological operations, strategic planning, and data analysis, we offer an unmatched team of specialist and knowledge.